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La nouvelle molécule PF-114 pour traiter la mutation T315I

mer. déc. 03, 2014 5:41 am

"Haematologists from Goethe University Frankfurt, working with a Russian pharmaceutical company, have developed a new active substance that effectively combats the most aggressive forms of Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemia.
Moscow-based company Fusion Pharma has developed an innovative kinase inhibitor, PF-114 with the aim of having the same effect on Ph+ leukemia as Ponatinib, but with reduced side-effects. In the current edition of 'Leukemia', the team led by Dr. Afsar Mian, Professor. Oliver Ottoman and lecturer Dr. Martin Ruthardt from the Haematology Department of Medical Clinic II, have reported that PF-114 is as effective as Ponatinib against resistant Ph+ leukemia."
Voir New substance overcomes treatment-resistance in leukemia

Voir la Mutattion T315I

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